Introducing Finds Reviews

Find and compare reviews
from tripadvisor, yelp, expedia, foursquare, facebook, google
and others.

Search for any place such as restaurants, hotels
or travel locations.

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Introducing myRealPin

Collect, Pin and Share
any content
from any source.

Style and Connect your items
on virtual pinboards.

Sign in and Collaborate also via Facebook and Twitter.

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What we do

We focus on new and innovative services for the web by using latest technologies. Interested?

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Old Stuff

Loyal visitors might desperately look for the old pages, here you go!
Please find the joomla CMS extension 'Realpin', my old media gallery, projects and blogs below.

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About Us

frumania UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Römerstraße 5
D-69115 Heidelberg
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Registration HRB 719931
CEO: Marcel Törpe

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